The quest of green involves more than just looking for a more eco-friendly way of life. It is finding commonalities between ourselves and the relationships we have with nature. As new fields of science emerge; such as biomimicry, where people mimic lifeforms and systems, we come closer to understanding the interconnections that already exist in nature. While science has provided us with the process of discovery, nature has provided us with the inspiration to find sustainable life solutions within our forests, parks or our own backyards. At The Mastery Institute we have taken biomimicry one step further by adding an element of functionality by integrating Earth’s natural communicator…color.

When outside we often look at the plethora of colors around us, but rarely do we see, feel, and experience their effects. By using nature’s eco-system as the footprint to explore and discover new possibilities, alternative ways of thinking will emerge that will allow us to integrate color and develop natural solutions. To be balanced in life is to be green, you trust yourself. Therefore, our quest of green is not only the journey we all strive for in order to create balance in our lives, it is also the journey we must take to create balance between ourselves and a more sustainable world.